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It's a Personal Blog | Basic Ubuntu Tricks for Developers- Part 2

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Basic Ubuntu Tricks for Developers- Part 2

In this part , lets learn about two issues related to Hibernation :  Using hibernation in Ubuntu and using Ubuntu when another operating system i.e Windows is in hibernation or is not properly shutdown.

1. Problem: I don't see Hibernate option along with Suspend and Shutdown Options.

Solution: In power options of Ubuntu, we have two options visible to choose : Suspend or Shutdown. Suspend is like Sleep feature in windows and is totally useless as it consumes power so we shouldn't leave it in Suspend mode for longer period. There is no visible option for hibernation but you can access it from command Prompt.


  1. Open the Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+t or by searching for terminal in the Dash.

  2. Type "sudo systemctl hibernate" into the terminal and press Enter.

    Enter your password when prompted.

  3. Then wait till your pc goes to hibernation completely. Your monitor may blink few times displaying login console but wait for a while until it hibernates completely.

Disclaimer: For above command to work , hibernation should not be disabled in your system which is enabled by default . We will talk in next part about enabling hibernation in the system if above command doesn't work.

2. Problem: I have windows and Ubuntu installed together. Whenever windows is in hibernation mode or is not properly shutdown, i am unable to access other hard drives from Ubuntu.

Solution: If your windows is not properly shutdown or hibernated, you are not able to access other hard drives from Ubuntu but you can access them in read- only mode. if you are in middle of something in Ubuntu and need the full access to other drives than you need to do hibernate in Ubuntu and go to windows to shut it down completely and and come back to Ubuntu.

Here , we will talk about how to access other drives from Ubuntu in read-only mode. It will be helpful when u are in middle of something in Ubuntu and need to read files from other drives but you are not allowed as windows was not properly shutdown.

Let's say you want to access the C: drive where your windows was installed. You will get the following error.


1. Try to find two information from the error message you get when you try to access the drive partition.

Error mounting /dev/sda2 at /media/yogesh/3CE07974E07934EC1:

here sda2 is the partition name and /media/yogesh/3CE07974E07934EC1 is location of mount. Value of sda2 and 3CE07974E07934EC1 will change according to drive partition you try to access.

2. Open the terminal and type the following command using the appropriate partition name and location of mount.

sudo mount -ro "ntfs" /dev/sda2 /media/yogesh/3CE07974E07934EC

3. Enter your password when prompted. and try to access that partition again. It will allow you to access the partition in read-only mode.

[Disclaimer:  if you get following error: ntfs-3g-mount: failed to access mountpoint /media/yogesh/3CE07974E07934EC: No such file or directory , it means the directory for the mountpoint is missing and you need it create it manually by using following command: Sudo mkdir /media/yogesh/3CE07974E07934EC ]